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School workshops

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Pedagogical workshops connected to the theme of the permanent collection or the temporary exhibitions, are arranged during the whole year, aimed at preschool classes and elementary schools as well as to the summer camps according to your needs. Here are some examples.

  • • Each workshop last about one and a half (1 ½) hour.
  • • Adaptable in relation to the schools programs, the age of the children, the time available, the weather.

Contact us at
+33 2 54 48 00 57 (during the high season)
+33 2 54 48 07 02 (between Halloween and Easter)


Maison des traditions - Rallye photos
" La Maison des Traditions in every way "

François, the peasant, with his funny time machine, has travelled through the Centuries in search for his ancestors. Back in the 21st Century, with his suitcases filled with memories, his machine breaks down and the bags are scattered in the museum. Find them and discover their contents. Using your five senses, you will be able to discover the farm life in the old days in a joyful way.

  • • Pre-school
  • • Info: +33 2 54 48 00 57
Maison des traditions - Rallye photos
Rally photos 

Using photos depicting some tools, machines or objects in detail, the children must try to find these artefacts in the Museum, then find the name and the function of the tool; the machine or the object displayed.

  • For maximum 30 children aged from 7 to 11
  • • Info: +33 2 54 48 00 57
"House, tell me about the traditions"
From one room to another, the children have to answer different riddles that allow them to decipher the mysterious phrase and release François the peasant from the spell.
  • • To CP from CM2
  • • 30 children maximum
  • • Information : 02 54 48 00 57
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