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Trades of yore

The Rural Festival

Experience a day filled with emotions!

The inhabitants in Chassignolles invite you to spend an afternoon with them, at work in the fields like in the old days before the introduction of the tractors.

Re-creation of everyday scenes (laundry at the lavoir or washstand, a demonstration of threshing, tillage in the old fashioned way).

Enter the different workshops: The clog maker’s, the smith’s, the cooper’s etc.

Existing in most villages, these workshops were indispensable to the peasants when they needed help in their work and daily life.
  • The blacksmith or farrier: Admired by the villagers, they knew how to tame the iron and the fire to the pace of the hammer on the anvil and in the glowing ember of the hearth.
  • The clog maker: In the countryside, everyone wore clogs. The clog maker made up to 6 pairs of clogs a day! With the arrival of the rubber industry, the clog makers disappeared just after the Second World War. 
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